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Twitter redesigns the app for iOS

Twitter has made the counts of followers are less obvious on its iOS app, reducing the size of the font in a new effort to redesign the app. The change comes after ceo Jack Dorsey has repeatedly said it wanted to rethink how the company could prioritize conversations “significant” instead of retweets,...


Apple releases Xcode 10.1 with Swift 4.2.1

Apple has released Xcode 10.1 with Swift 4.2.1 and SDK updated for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Xcode is an integrated development environment containing a suite of tools useful for the development of software that includes everything developers need to create applications for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple...

Luino, on the maturity date, the call for nominations to the board of directors of the Monsignor Comi

The procedure for the appointment of the new Board of Directors of the Foundation Archbishop Comi of Luino is started in the month of April, and will lead to the appointment of the five members, two appointed by the mayor of Luino, two other mayors of the former Community, the Valleys of luino area and...