Apple TV

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An important ex-leader of Disney to join team Apple TV+

Apple brings another prominent element in his team Apple TV+: here comes Chiara Cipriani, for years an important executive in Disney. Chiara Cipriani worked for more than ten years at Disney, first as a General Mangar Digital Direct-to-Consumer and then as an executive for Disney+ International. It is...


The app Apple TV and AirPlay 2 make their debut on the Smart TV of Samsung

Simultaneously with the release of iOS 12.3 and the new app, the Apple TV, here Samsung announces the arrival of the support to the new app, the Apple TV and AirPlay 2 on some of its Smart TV. It is a true revolution, since it is the first time that the app Apple TV is available on the Smart TV of Samsung....

How to control Apple TV with the Apple Watch

Control Apple TV with the Apple Watch? If the remote control supplied by the company does not satisfy you, we will explain how to control the Apple TV using the Apple Watch from your wrist. You are the owners of the TV made in Apple and the use of the dedicated remote control as it was thought not convince...