Apple TV

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Apple releases iOS 12.3 FOR ALL, here's the news

Apple has just begun the release of the final version of iOS 12.3 is available for iPhone and iPad. Here are all the news. The main novelty is the new TV application, not available at the time in Italy, which includes the section channels the Apple TV, a feature which simplifies the activation and use...


“Prehistoric Planet” coming to Apple TV+ by the producer Jon Favreau

Apple has initiated a new project of the producer and the director Jon Favreau for the Apple TV+, called “Prehistoric Planet”. It is a sort of a docu-series that shows the last days of life of the dinosaurs, made with the aid of CGI. Favreau is known for having directed films such as “Iron Man“, the...

How to control Apple TV with the Apple Watch

Control Apple TV with the Apple Watch? If the remote control supplied by the company does not satisfy you, we will explain how to control the Apple TV using the Apple Watch from your wrist. You are the owners of the TV made in Apple and the use of the dedicated remote control as it was thought not convince...