Apple TV

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Apple TV Stick: a Apple TV economic on arrival in 2019?

More and more and more persistent rumors suggest the arrival of a new device that will allow the streaming of digital content. A likely “Apple TV Stick” will be the Apple TV's economic future? Rumors increasingly insistent on an important new project that Apple would like to make the public in 2019....


How to control Apple TV with the Apple Watch

Control Apple TV with the Apple Watch? If the remote control supplied by the company does not satisfy you, we will explain how to control the Apple TV using the Apple Watch from your wrist. You are the owners of the TV made in Apple and the use of the dedicated remote control as it was thought not convince...

Apple releases tvOS 12.0.1

Apple has released a small update for Apple TV 4K, and Apple TV fourth generation, with the arrival of tvOS 12.0.1. tvOS 12.0.1 does not make any news, but going to fix some bugs and improve the overall performance. The update is available free of charge by going in the settings of tvOS.Link to the original...