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Poll: have You already used Apple Pay in Italy?

A survey is very quick to understand the trend of Apple Pay. We were awaiting for such a long time that we want to know if you have already tried it or if you are going to do it. Apple Pay is available now also in Italy. Our articles in this regard have been taken by storm, also because we have created...


GUIDE: How to activate and how to start using Apple Pay in Italy with Boon, UniCredit and Carrefour Bank

Apple Pay is finally available in Italy. In this Guide we will see how to configure and use the service with Boon., UniCredit and Carrefour Bank. It is necessary to point out immediately that Apple Pay in Italy, it only works with a credit card or debit Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or V Pay. Also, it works...

Apple Pay in Italy is more and more near, the site of Unieuro has already added support

The launch of Apple Pay is really imminent in Italy. We've been saying for a month but apparently Apple is taking the time to allow vendors to the large distribution of update your web site.Apparently the company is providing the javascript and css add-ins to bring up the classic button-rectangular that...