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Apple is increasingly “in-house”: what will change after the purchase of the division, modem, mobile Intel?

The news of the week was the acquisition by Apple of the department, modem, mobile Intel $ 1 billion. This step was in the air for several months, but we now know with certainty that Apple wants to produce in-house chip modem for the future iPhone. What will change in the immediate? The acquisition will...

Apple acquires the division modem smartphone Intel for 1 billion dollars

Why buy a product on the market when you can take home a slice of the company that produces it? Here's the bomb of the night because Apple has officially announced that it has closed an agreement with Intel for a billion dollars for the acquisition of the division engaged in the development of the modem...


Intel presents the new modem 5G that could fuel your future iPhone

2019 will definitely be the year of 5G, and Intel has just announced his plans for the next generation of networks, presenting the new modem XMM 8160 5G. The modem XMM 8160 will be released to manufacturers in the second half of 2019, but the first devices will arrive only in 2020. Intel has great ambitions...