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A month and a half without Samira disappeared from Stanghella: someone had forced it to cut hair?

On the 21st of October 2019 Samira El Attar disappears, swallowed by the silence of Stanghella. The peace and serenity of that area of the companion where the woman lived with her husband and her child of 4 years are shaken by the arrival of journalists and the forces of order that seek to understand...


The story of Claudia the Stable indignant, and divide. If he had not ran away he would end his life

The story of the mother of Campofiorito ran away to Germany in search of a different future for her, and if you are going to want for his children, continues to be a prison, and to divide. There are those who think that a mother should never leave her children, and who sees in the gesture of Claudia,...

Ylenia Carrisi latest news: it is alive and has changed identity? The hope of mother Romina Power

In the episode of those Who saw the November 20, 2019, they talked about Ylenia Carrisi, the daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power. As you know, the girl has disappeared in 1994, and since then, his parents did the best they could to find her. A few years ago, however, Al Bano surrendered, accepting the...