Antonio ciontoli

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Murder Vannini, reservoir dogs new documents. Two prostitutes would have denounced Ciontoli for robbery

It is not the first time that you hear of a possible dossier in which they would be collected the complaints made by a prostitute to the detriment of Antonio Ciontoli. Months, in fact, the question came on the television, in the programs that followed the case involving the murder of Marco Vannini. For...

To anyone Who has seen the mystery of the dossier for Antonio Ciontoli (AUDIO)

In the episode of those Who saw it aired on September 25, 2019 has spoken once again of the murder of Marco Vannini and, in particular, of the person who, for the Italian justice system, has done harm to the boy. Antonio Ciontoli is finished again in the crosshairs of journalists who are investigating...


Antonio Ciontoli Stories Cursed launches an appeal to the Navy and Valerio: he asks for forgiveness

“I know that today is a utopia, but I believe it,” said Antonio Ciontoli in the episode of the Italian Stories broadcast on the 2nd of July 2019 talking about the possibility of a contact with Marina and Valerio Vannini, Marco's parents. And maybe at the moment it is a hypothesis very far, seeing what...