Antonella clerici

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Antonella Clerici and Vittorio Garrone celebrate the birthday of Evelina Flachi (Photos)

A friendship is now historic, which binds Antonella Clerici and Evelina Hawks, the specialist in food science that we have known above all thanks to The test of a cook (photo). Antonella and Vittorio Garrone could not, therefore, miss the birthday party of Flachi and with them also other well-known faces,...


Antonella Clerici, and Gerry Scotti, that couple to the pay, hugs and congratulations between the two conductors (Photos)

Antonella Clerici and Gerry Scotti collection, just a photo and already fantastic program Mediaset with the pairing that is certain to would like to the public. “Wonderful meetings today,” he wrote a few days ago, Clerici, smiling and embracing the conductor. Two faces historians of the tv, two people...

Preview de La prova del cuoco is highly amusing as the ghost of Antonella Clerici (Photos)

What happened prior to the mass in the inda of the first episode of La prova del cuoco? The atmosphere in the studio is tense, sometimes sad, all of them are a little sad to part Claudio Lippi when he decides to come in and bring a smile to the audience at home and in the studio. There is the return...