ANPI Varese

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Luino, celebrated the memory of the massacre of the Gera. “Memory is essential to build the future”

Were held this morning, in Luino, in the presence of many local administrators, associations and citizens, the celebrations for the seventy and fourth anniversary of the Fallen of the Gera. “It is necessary to remember, with gratitude, those who have offered their lives for us, so that we might live...

At the weekend, the “provincial Festival of Resistance”. “We do not give up for a better Italy”

Was presented today edition 2018 of the “provincial Festival of Resistance” organized by ANPI (National Association Partisans of Italy), scheduled for this weekend (31 August-2 September) to the parties of the Schiranna. “To strengthen the values of the Resistance today is more important than ever,”...


Gazzada Schianno, Do.Ra. in town for a public event. The outrage from the PNA

“At a time when many Italian towns, among these, the one of Varese, you are provided with a regulation that prohibits the granting and use of public spaces in the formations of the fascist ideology, the municipality of Gazzada Schianno grants the use, and even grants the Board Room”. With these words...