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Christian Ciacci, the daughter of Little Tony fall into anorexia after a diet is telling all in Italian Stories (Photos)

We have seen many times Christian Ciacci, the daughter of Little Tony, next to his dad on stage in his concerts, imagining a wonderful life, instead it was not so (photo). A guest of the Italian Stories today, Christian told the anorexia which had fallen, 12 years of suffering, a disease that has taken...


Adua Del Vesco confesses that anorexia was killing by the time he closed with Gabriel Garko (Photo)

And’ Adua Del Vesco to tell of the drama that has lived because of anorexia, it is now that managed to overcome everything and he confides to the magazine Grand Hotel (photo). His weight was arrived at 34 pounds, everything was started from the desire of being perfect and when someone has made it clear...

Valentina Dallari, statements of shock on his illness: ”I weighed 39 kg.”

Valentina Dallari, the former tronista of Men and Women has issued new statements choc, regarding the anorexia, the disease with which he is fighting for several months. A long path, which wishes to conclude as soon as possible to take in hand his working life. Valentina Dallari: declarations of shock...