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Best VPN for anonymous surfing

The need for security, the connections are anonymous and encrypted to the Internet has increased considerably in the last period, immediately following the scandals of the intelligence of the united states (NSA Datagate), with more and more people aware of the importance of safe surfing without being...

Block anonymous calls on iPhone

If you are looking for a way to block anonymous calls on the iPhone, saying goodbye to so many hassles, then you are in the right place. Anonymous calls can come from the call center of any company, but also by people who somehow got your number and call you repeatedly, even to annoy you. Apart from...

Here is the list of the account of the ISIS

The hacktivist collective Anonymous, in this hour, are reporting thousands of Twitter profiles, Facebook and Google of jihadists and sympathizers of ISIS. From the who report, about 5,500 profiles were already closed. I have noticed that many tend to underestimate the goals posts to be Anonymous, considering...