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In the first daytime of Friends 19 presented the class but on social is still controversy against Skioffi

Friends 19 is just started and is already talking about himself. Today, Monday, November 18, was aired on the Real Time the first episode of the daytime together with Marcello Sacchetta and Lorella Boccia. In the course of the episode we had the chance to get to know better a part of the new class of...

Temptation Island Vip: Serena Enardu is not good, the confidence of Anna Pettinelli (Photos)

Last night on tv we had the opportunity to review the bonfires and the most important moments of Temptation Island Vip, even the goodbye between Serena Enardu and Pag (photo); on the magazine Who is Anna Pettinelli has confided to me that her friend is not well. He has suffered much I Pay in the reality...


Temptation Island VIP 2019: Anna Pettinelli out of control, the bonfire of the final confrontation – VIDEO

People entering and people leaving in that of Temptation Island VIP! This week on the fire of the Bonfire of the immediate Comparison was the speaker of the radio Anna Pettinelli that, as a result of the vision of yet another video on behalf of her boyfriend, Stephen, is skipped on a rampage and decided...