Angelino Alfano

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The electoral law, Gentiloni: “The Government will keep its commitments”. Criticism from Alfano

(ANSA) Continues to hold the counter to the theme of the electoral law in the Italian political panorama. While the trend is towards an agreement between the Pd and the M5S and Fi, however, is the premier Gentiloni. Controversy in the majority with the Foreign minister Alfano, who thunders: “I don't...


The case Of the Big, the Eu supports Italy. A “firm request for the immediate release of Gabriel”

Gabriele Del Grande is a journalist and documentary filmmaker, the Italian from last April 10 is in a prison in Turkey, after being stopped by the police in Hatay province's south-eastern border with Syria. On April 15, the ministry of the Interior had made it known that the Great it was good and Tuesday,...

“The case Torrisi”, chaos in the Senate. Alfano: “If Pd looks for pretexts for the elections tell”

Continue the fight in the Senate, which broke out yesterday afternoon, which outlines the spectrum of a government crisis. To unleash the controversy in the majority was the election to the presidency of the committee on constitutional Affairs, Salvatore Torrisi, of the Ap, instead of the candidate Pd...