Andrew Lincoln

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Andrew Lincoln reveals the release date of the film, The Walking Dead, and pulls in the ball Clint Eastwood

The long-rumored departure of Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead turned out to be a goodbye, as Rick Grimes, the iconic character played by the british actor, will be again the protagonist of a film trilogy, as revealed by Scott Gimple, the chief content officer of the show, which has already revealed...


Andrew Lincoln will return to The Walking Dead 10, but with a new role

Now, how do they know all the fans, Andrew Lincoln will say goodbye to The Walking Dead with the next season and he will abandon definitively (are we really sure?) the role of Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln wants back in, The Walking Dead, 10 but with a new role Yet, according to a recent interview, the...

Here is the romantic farewell of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Andrew Lincoln leaving The Walking Dead

The announced departure of Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead has not yet been digested by the fans, who do not feel ready to accept the idea that the show AMC can continue without the main character of the acclaimed TV series, which character was the true hub around which have revolved the events narrated...