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Belen is pregnant, the truth about the second pregnancy and the break of the showgirl (Photos)

Really Belen is pregnant? Gossip can't wait to take the photos in the tummy of Belen Rodriguez, and many speak of her second pregnancy and of the son, that is going to give to Andrea Iannone but in reality there is nothing official. All are looking for clues to cycles that are very precise, the showgirl...


There is mail for you it stretches: Saturday evening guests Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone?

There is mail for you it stretches: this is the news we have already given, and confirm it. The program of Channel 5 will air with two episodes at most and then leave on Saturday evening to Friends who back in prime time with the phase of the evening. But in the meantime, Maria De Filippi has no intention...

Belen Rodriguez in the Maldives between the return of the jedi, the same holidays with Corona and Stefano De Martino (Photo)

Belen Rodriguez is really not very original or maybe choose a holiday in the Maldives, followed by a love important. The magazine Who published the photos of the recent holiday of Belen and Andrea Iannone in the Maldives, images in pose, the couple is aware of the presence of the paparazzi, because on...