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Giulia De Lellis by the betrayal of Andrea Damante history with Iannone on F

Giulia De Lellis has captured everyone's attention with the publication of his first book, The horns are good on everything. But I was better without it!, output the 17 of September. The book essentially tells what happened between her and her ex-boyfriend Andrea Damante, known by means of Men and Women....


Giulia De Lellis celebrated the birthday of the granddaughter, an excess for a little girl of two years (Photos)?

Giulia De Lellis is always ready to give first place to his family and to his niece Matilda really dotes but someone has gone overboard with the birthday party for the two years of the baby (photo). A birthday party in hollywood style with the sequined red for the small, the cake is spectacular, but...

Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Iannone by the video in the house to photos of Milan, the love, and proceeds with so much feeling (Photo)

It is a wonderful summer for Giulia De Lellis, that in the arms of Andrea Iannone seems to have found true happiness, as shown by the photos published on the magazine Who, but the pictures that the sweet and beautiful influencer continues to post on his social profile. Also Iannone begins to show herself...