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Maria De Filippi is crying: here is what has happened to them

Yesterday evening during the grand final of “Friends, 17”, Maria De Filippi spoke about his childhood, studies and a great passion for animals. In particular, the presenter is very closely linked to dogs and horses. Queen Mary, also said to be very fond of two of his show: “Friends”, and [...]The article...


The Church reminds Frizzi to Friends: “I called a gentleman. It was a white fly on Tv”

The memory of Fabrizio Frizzi moves the Friends of Maria De Filippi: Rita Of the Church he wanted to tell anecdotes about the past with her ex-husband Rita From the Church, the ex-wife of Fabrizio Frizzi, he wanted to remember her ex-husband, to Friends, by Maria De Filippi. The tv presenter has decided...

Amici di Maria de Filippi: Andreas Muller and Veronica Peparini have quarreled? Here is the reason for its disappearance among the professionals

Feed Released from KontroKulturaMany wondered what had caused the sudden disappearance of Andreas Muller is among the professionals Friends. The motivation could be because of a dispute with his teacher Veronica Peparini. Andreas Muller, the dancer and the winner of the previous edition of Friends of...