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Amazon Ring, leaked the passwords of at least 3.672 users in 2 databases

New woe yet to Ring, the brand of security cameras on Amazon, for just a few days away from the investigation of Motherboard drivers: are leaked well two databases containing email addresses, passwords, and other sensitive data of users. One, discovered by BuzzFeed News, includes 3.672 set of information;...


The last gifts? Here are the Deals of Christmas on 20 December

The last few days to shop online for Christmas gifts and here for you the best discounts and deals today, proposed by the major e-commerce sites. You will find the smartphone, notebook, tablet, TV, PC accessories, and some products do not tech, such as travel trolley mark Xiaomi, which is available on...

Apple, Amazon, Google and Zigbee Alliance will implement an open standard for home automation devices

Apple, Amazon, Google, and Zigbee Alliance have today announced the intention to establish and promote the adoption of a new open standard for the creation of products for home automation that are interconnected. The project in question takes the name of “Connected Home over IP, and aims to make it easier...