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Deck Witch of the Night, the Golem, Cloning for Arena 9, Arena 10, Arena 11, and Alloys

We have made a guinea pig for this deck, and even though we were ahead of the levels of the Tower of the King, we view really ugly. A deck that sees Cloning as a support exclusive of the effects from the death of the Witch at Night and the Golem (besides bats). Let's discover together the Deck Witch...


Deck, Golem, Witch, Night, Puppy, Dragon, Arena 10, Arena 11, and Alloys

The Witch of the Night, after the event organized to be able to unlock in the preview, begins to appear in the deck that participate in the Arena 10, Arena 11, and Alloys. It is very different from his old colleague that a little bit we all know and have used at least once.

2 Deck most used with Golems, Barbarians Chosen for Arena 11 and Alloys: March, April 2017

When a deck has great potential takes over and spreads at a great speed especially when it comes to alloys, or arenas where winning is not important but essential: in this article, we describe two prototypes of decks among the most used scale in Leagues and Arenas, high, Deck Golem + Barbarians Chosen.