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Stuffed aubergines with pasta

The stuffed aubergines with pasta is a first dish, we might even say unique, flavour and appearance really inviting. To make the recipe, divide the vegetables in half, remove their pulp (forming of boats of eggplant), scald them for ten minutes and stuffing and only later, with the tasty pasta is already...


Fregola with sausage

Today I come back in the region of Sardinia (unfortunately) with the recipe of fregola with sausage. After my first version of fregola with clams here's the one with the meat, perfect for those looking for recipes with sausage. It is because, for those not in the know, this tiny form of pasta can be...

Jam melon

Jam melon is my new discovery. I had never tried before, and fortunately, my “gamble” had a good outcome! Start with a base of a fruit flavorful, like melon, has its advantages and it is really difficult to bring to the table a recipe failed. I have embellished the jam melon with vanilla, ginger and...