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YI, the surveillance camera support Alexa in discount

The YI IOT is a surveillance camera Full HD with a 360° rotation two-way audio, detection of sounds and movements and support for Alexa by Amazon. This interesting safe room, that takes advantage of the ecosystem of the YI, with apps and the cloud, supports memory cards and a series of interesting security...


“Siri is a woman,” comes the complaint of sexism on the part of the UN

Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon, Alexa and Cortana, Microsoft have been accused of sexism by the United Nations because “all of these virtual servers use the default female voice“. The report published in these hours by the Organization of the United Nations takes aim at the major virtual assistants,...

Amazon Echo Dot in the offer to 39,99€

For only a few days Amazon puts on offer the speaker Echo Dot, now available at just 39.99€. Echo " Dot is definitely the device recommended for those who want to take advantage of all the features of Alexa, spending little and having available a good audio quality. You can take advantage of to bring...