Alessia marcuzzi

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From Ilary Blasi to Elena Santarelli the whole costume is the choice this summer of 2017 (Photos)

A time the entire costume was the one chosen by the women of a certain age, or by those who wanted to hide a bit of panic, but this summer 2017 the whole piece has become the must-have. Alessia Marcuzzi had already anticipated in may on the beach would wear, especially the whole costume, then came the...


Alessia Marcuzzi celebrates the birthday of the husband in a suite at the super luxury (Photos)

As far as we are dreaming these vip! Just like Alessia Marcuzzi who has found true love thanks to Paolo Calabresi Marconi, and he wanted to celebrate the birthday of her husband in a suite which costs a lot at night. Imagine that when you know the cost of the suite choice will be triggered a little bit...

The island of the famous and 2017, there is Malena among the shipwrecked, arrives after Rocco Siffredi (Photo)

If in the last edition of Island of The famous we have seen among the competitors vip Rocco Siffredi, this time, on the contrary tonight at the first de Island of The famous 2017, we will see sinking, Malena, or Philomena Mastromarino (photo). Not claim that all know Malena, she is an actress, yes, but...