Alessia Marcuzzi

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The island of the Famous 2019: here are the names of possible shipwrecked persons, and the date of the beginning of the

In 2019 on our tv screens will return to The Island of the Famous. The fourteenth edition of the reality show hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi, will broadcast starting from January 24, 2019. Although at the moment has been confirmed only to the host, on the web began circulating the names of possible competitors....

The island of the Famous 2019 competitors and start date: Alvin castaway

Very probably, the most watched of Italy will return from Thursday 24 January 2019 in the early evening on channel 5. As a presenter Alessia Marcuzzi, the talented and much loved by the Italian public. With his ability to manage even the worst of troubles that the competitors in the provide in the course...


Alessia Marcuzzi greets The Hyenas, program suspended: (a) the reaction of the fans

Alessia Marcuzzi has written a post on social announces a farewell to The Hyenas, the program will suffer a setback because of the holidays, but will resume next year Alessia Marcuzzi is a tv presenter very much loved and it is for this reason that when he wrote his last post on Instagram in which he...