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Men and Women, advances: Veronica still thinks of Alexander, will leave the throne or he will come back to you?

For the series of decisions long-lasting, and where to find them, from the advances of Men and Women of today, November 27, 2019 arrive of the news sensational concerning the throne of Veronica Burchielli. Even twenty days after his first time on chair red, apparently, the tronista would have had second...


The audience of Men and Women takes the part of Alexander and shouts to the conspiracy: Julius protected?

We knew, thanks to the advances, that the bet of Men and Women in the air today ( and you will also continue with the bet of tomorrow), would have been very, very busy. And if we consider the fact that on Twitter, the hashtag #uominiedonne is still in trend, 40 minutes after the end of the program, we...

Men and Women today, the advances: Sara comes up with Mattias, Julius very close to Veronica

Today, Tuesday 24 September 2019 will air a new episode of the Men and Women on Channel 5.What we will see in the afternoon Channel 5? Back to the throne classic. In the episode last of the program of Maria De Filippi we have seen the very first outside of the Throne Classic and the comparison between...