Alessandro Volpini

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Celebrated in Luino the “Virgo Fidelis”, “The body of the weapon as valuable for their daily work,”

Was celebrated yesterday in Luino the “Virgo Fidelis”, the commemoration of the anniversary of the “Battle of Cuiqualber”, where they lost the life hundreds of military Weapon belonging to the 1st Battalion of the Carabinieri corps in Abyssinia, and of the “Day of the Orphan. Captain Alessandro Volpini...

San Martino to Cassano Valcuvia the memory of the fallen to build the future of young people

“How can we, the citizens, Italian and european, honor, on the facts, the most effective of each speech, the freedom fighters of yesterday? Continue with the weapons that we have made available, those of democracy, not betraying the sacrifice, start the message of hope and love for our battered country....


Luino, in exile, Morresi in the Day of Remembrance: “Two times the Italian, by birth and by choice”

The day of remembrance, a memory told to the teatro Sociale in Luino from one who was there and to hear his words were the highest institutional positions luinesi in addition to many young learners: Pier Maria Morresi told of his experience as an exile from istria and, as hundreds of thousands of exiles...