Alda d'eusanio

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To Come from me, Alda D'eusanio reveals the wickedness of a colleague (Photos)

Blunt and direct as always, Alda D'eusanio today a guest Come to me in all its splendor and color has revealed the badness received from a colleague, from a tv host (photos). No name is released from the mouth of the host Caterina Balivo but the circle, you can restrict easily. Alda speaks of the pain...


Giacomo Urtis unrecognizable after facelifts, his face with a limp on tv (Photos)

If yesterday evening you have been following CR4 – The Republic of women is very likely that you have not recognized Giacomo Urtis at the first blow and it is not an exaggeration but really, the aesthetic surgeon was unrecognizable (photos). Urtis is presented really in the special conditions, swollen...

The island of the famous 2019, Alessia Marcuzzi presents the two who often appears with A

Storing the third edition of Big Brother Vip, and waiting to see the Big Brother 16 Barbara d'urso, is almost all ready for the Island of the famous 2019. The cast has not been confirmed yet, there are many rumors, but it is still too early for certainties. The team of Alessia Marcuzzi, however, takes...