Alcohol abuse

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Luino, a 43-year-old drunk if he takes it with some people and breaks through the window of a bar

In the course of the weekend, and in the framework of the activities of prevention and repression of crimes of gender, were carried out by the carabinieri of the compagnia di Luino some services extraordinary control of the territory. Particular attention has been paid to the controls of the train stations,...

Summer, Luino against the drinks in glass and cans. Fines of up to € 500

With the beginning of summer officially upon us, and the prospect of a whole weekend dedicated to other various events, concerts and initiatives in the shore of the lake, back to Luino, an ordinance that is already in the past has created many discussions between administrators, merchants and citizens,...


Luino, the young and the highs over the weekend: “Data on the rise, not only alcohol”

The relationship between young people and the high part today in a debate that is fed regularly from several voices, belonging to the professionals of various sectors, to the protagonists of the events, which often find place in the pages of the chronicle or in front of the cameras, and the one who attends...