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Alberico Lemme has had coronavirus: announces hosted Live-Not p anymore, but then delete everything, I'll see you on Channel 5?

A “small” yellow, if I may say so, shakes the world of social, and not only. Alberico Lemme announced today on his personal profiles that would have been a guest in an episode of the Live-it is Not the d'urso aired on the 19th of April 2020 to talk about a very important issue. Alberico Lemme has had...


Big Brother Vip: start date and contestants official

Feed Released from KontroKulturaIt is now virtually official: the second season of Big Brother Vip will begin on Monday, September 11 and will continue until early December. If there are last minute changes on the part of the production or the direction of Channel 5, in fact, the winner of the reality...

Big Brother Vip, come Lemme Malgioglio

Feed Released from KontroKulturaBig Brother Vip is certainly one of the most anticipated events in the fall season of the Channel 5 however, until now, the only certain news are the names of Ilary Blasi as a anchor and Alfonso Signorini in the role of a pundit. But in the last hours it seems that a couple...