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Albano Carrisi ready to relive his first love

Albano Carrisi seems to be ready to leave the music. The singer of Cellino San Marco wants to perform and Loredana and Romina seems to agree, Albano Carrisi ready to leave the music Albano Carrisi until a few months ago he told of wanting to give up music because of some problemuccio of the vocal cords....


“Without Romina is not happiness”,bad news for Albano Carrisi

Albano Carrisi has been criticized by his fans for having sung the iconic song ‘Happiness’ without her Romina. During her concert in Russia, the lion Cellino has taken a series of insults Albano and Romina are in the collective imagination one of the most beloved couple in the world of music. It often...

Albano and Romina is now 48 years of marriage

On the 26th of July could not be considered to be a day like any other, as you are married Albano and Romina. The year was 1970, and, therefore, have passed forty-eight years of the marriage of the couple. Despite the end of their history, the fans celebrate the couple on the web. Albano and Romina are...