Al bano

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Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso are again a pair, the confirmation in the Afternoon, Five (Photos)

Is Riccardo Signoretti to give the confirmation in the Afternoon, Five-Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso are again a pair (photo). The editor of the journal New has no doubt, while it seems to still have someone Barbara D'urso. Signoretti says she heard on the phone a few hours before the Lecciso, and that...


Romina Power to Cellino, but The Ban makes it clear that he lives with Loredana Lecciso (Photos)

A little bit of levity also serves in this period and offers the gossip, but The Bathroom explodes, and clarifies that there is no triangle in the quarantine with Romina Power and Loredana Lecciso in Cellino San Marco (photo). The singer this time seems to be very clear, it is true that his ex-wife after...

In the extended family of Jasmine Carrisi the brothers and sisters who prefer to, reveals to the ear of the Governor (Photo)

Moments of embarrassment today for Jasmine Carrisi when in the studio to Come to me has revealed which of his brothers was his favorite (photos). The question of Caterina Balivo she thrilled and very courteous said not wanting to answer, but he preferred to trust the name to the ear of the presenter....