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GF Vip: behind the scenes of the planes that carry the messages to the competitors

What is the cost and who manages the planes that pass in the sky of Cinecittà to bring messages to the Vip inside the Big Brother house? The weekly Spy has revealed all this. Big Brother Vip, that's who manages the planes that carry the messages to the competitors in The weekly Spy, Alfonso Signorini,...


The accident on the Monte Lema, intervenes in the helicopter

The ugly incident that occurred today, at around 15, on the Monte Lema, on the border between the province of Varese and the Canton Ticino. To stay involved was a man who, according to the first information received, while he was flying on his glider, has collided against an aircraft. You do not know...

Ryanair, 7 what's new for 2016

It is the first european airline with 106 million passengers a year. He succeeds, thanks to an offer monstrous 1,800 flights per day from 84 bases, connecting 200 destinations in 31 Countries. According to the data of Enac at the summit in Italy with almost 30 million passengers in 2015 between domestic...