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Laveno Mombello, mathematics does not have emotions and even racial prejudices

(article by Mary Grace Fossati) The essence of mathematics is its freedom. Said Cantor, a great German mathematician. Math has no emotions and even racial prejudice. Why do I say this? I participated in the review of images, stories and testimonials from african “When the sand falls on the dunes of the...


Africa in Laveno Mombello: the initiatives of the Municipal Library in the month of November

The Municipal Library “Antonia Pozzi” of Laveno Mombello, organizes in the month of November, in partnership with Agrisol Services, the various meetings to bring images, stories and testimonies of the african in the eyes of all those who participate. On 3 November last, it has started the exhibition...

Colmegna, the noble experience of the Marta migrants between teaching and integration

(Martha Steffens) And now it is a year that Colmegna, a fraction of Luino, in houses, in a house overlooking the lake, managed by Agrisol Services, the operational arm of the Caritas Como, eighteen boys migrants, the journey, like so many others of their friends to the hope of life. Many feel a strong...