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Aging: researchers discover how to slow it down

Aging, according to a study conducted by the University of Minnesota, could be counteracted. The researchers were able to improve the health of damaged cells, which are defined senescent cells. The experiment was conducted on older mice treated with Fisetin, a natural substance found in fruits and vegetables....

Sofia Vergara responds to a troll on Instagram

Photo: @ Instagram/ Sofia VergaraCritical social to the beautiful Sofia Vergara who recently decided to take action to respond publicly to a fan a little bit naughty, who accused her of having rebuilt something.Mrs. Manganiello, who loves to personally use and its social and thus keep a direct contact...


Ageing quality with physical activity and the mediterranean diet. “Smile in the mirror”

A healthy lifestyle, with regular physical activity, balanced nutrition and stress control. Are just some of the tips for ageing, quality of Aladar Bruno early years and childcare, Medical Director of the Group Korian, the european leader in the provision of care services and assistance for the third...