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IPhone X or iPhone 11? It is best to buy the new model?

the iPhone 11 is the direct successor of the iPhone XR, and arrives two years away from the iPhone X, the first smartphone Apple has to present a front without a Home button. This means that many iPhone users X are evaluating whether or not to buy a new model, maybe the cheaper iPhone 11. Of course,...

Eleonora Brigliadori against Nadia Toffa and his cancer, Carolyn Smith reveals the terrible behind the scenes: “For his sake I fainted...”

Carolyn Smith, a judge on Dancing with the Stars stepped on the thorny “lite social” between Eleonora Brigliadori and Nadia Toffa. Carolyn leans against the Hyena and tells a story of the past Carolyn Smith has in common with Nadia Toffa disease: cancer. Eleonora Brigliadori, a few days ago, he made...