Adua del vesco

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Adua Del Vesco confesses that anorexia was killing by the time he closed with Gabriel Garko (Photo)

And’ Adua Del Vesco to tell of the drama that has lived because of anorexia, it is now that managed to overcome everything and he confides to the magazine Grand Hotel (photo). His weight was arrived at 34 pounds, everything was started from the desire of being perfect and when someone has made it clear...


Francesco Monte news: ready to debut in Fury 2 on Channel 5

Feed Released from KontroKulturaIn the early months of 2018 on Sunday evening will come in Fury 2. Also in the cast ex-boyfriend of Cecilia Rodriguez All the fans di Francesco Monte can rest assured: even if the former tronista of Men and Women and, above all, the former companion of Cecilia Rodriguez...

Gossip news: Gabriel Garko torna single?

Feed Released from KontroKulturaThe love story between Gabriel Garko and Adua Del Vesco is it already over? The golden couple of Italian fiction in fact has always been very jealous of his private, but now come the spoilers of gossip in the weekly ‘Spy’ on its last number assumes a sensational break...