Adriana Volpe

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Mourning for Adriana Volpe: after the abandonment of the GF VIP the sick relative would be dead

The news was given from all the information sites this night and take it there and then for good after due verification, telling you also that, at the moment, Adriana Volpe and her husband have not yet commented on what happened. To give the news of the death of the father-in-law of Adriana Volpe, however,...

GF VIP 4, A drone launches a ticket: the Fox, ignores the call, the message is against Zequila that is offended and calls for the disqualification

Those who have never flown a drone with an article by Antonio Zequila on the house of Big Brother VIP 4? It must have been the director of the weekly New? You joke...but the Fact is that in the house of the GF got a news from the outside, and if the good Antonio Zequila thought that the king was back,...