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“The problems of the Hospital of Tradate similar and those of Luino, in the words of Candiani deserve respect”

“We read of the commitment of the senator from Candiani in favor of the hospital, which insists on the territory that is administered by the years. We want to support his zeal, and we say this without problems: we believe that the words expressed Monday, December 31, on the Foothills of the alps deserve...

“Less traffic on the roads, working on the connecting train Luino, Laveno Mombello and in Varese”

Suggestive, perhaps utopian, but the proposal of Alessandro Franzetti, namely the one of unifying the two railway stations in Laveno Mombello, to connect in a better way, Luino Varese, is the approval of the grillini luinesi. “We share strongly the proposal of Franzetti – explain the pentastellati luinesi...


AlpTransit, the counselor M5S Macchi: “We are treated by alarmists as ignorant, but we saw right”

Paola Macchi, a spokesman for the 5 Star Movement in Lombardy Region, spoke on the matter AlpTransit, noting that the concerns revealed in these weeks from many and become the object of media interest, had already been raised by the activists grillini time ago. Here are his words. AlpTransit, the counselor...