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The CEO of Intel explains why he has sold the department modem mobile to Apple

The CEO of Intel, Bob Swan says for the first time in public the recent acquisition of the department modem mobile from Apple for us $ 1 billion. Spoke to the microphones of CNBC, Bob Swan explained what were the reasons that pushed the company to sell the department as a whole modem mobile which includes,...


Apple is increasingly “in-house”: what will change after the purchase of the division, modem, mobile Intel?

The news of the week was the acquisition by Apple of the department, modem, mobile Intel $ 1 billion. This step was in the air for several months, but we now know with certainty that Apple wants to produce in-house chip modem for the future iPhone. What will change in the immediate? The acquisition will...

Apple wants to acquire Drive.the company is a specialist in autonomous guide

According to various sources, Apple is set to acquire the the, a major U.S. company specializing in vans with autonomous guide. The Information reports that Apple is structuring the agreement as the “acqui-hire“, which means that the key objective is to recruit engineers and other key employees...