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Accident in the night, the car against the barriers. Wounded a 54-year old

An accident occurred last night, Sunday, October 14, at around 2, Besozzo, via Luigi Cadorna, on the provincial road 50. For reasons still under investigation, the driver of a motor vehicle, a 54-year old, lost control of vehicle, crashing into the security barriers the side of the roadway on the [...]The...


Germignaga, stumbling and slamming against a car in the race. 35-year-old ends up in Hospital

An accident occurred this morning, Thursday, October 11, Germignaga, via Cazzane, not far from the elementary schools of the country. A woman, while walking on the street, you stumble going to put bad foot in a manhole cover. In so doing, he lost his balance and went crashing into a car that sopraggiungeva....

It falls in a stream three feet in Luino, 16-year-old wounded transported to the Circle

A boy of 16 years yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 9 October, at around 16, is slipped by a wall in the vicinity of via Baggiolina in Voldomino, a fraction of Luino, and ended in a stream is present to the side of the road after a fall of 3-4 metres. You do not know the dynamics of what happened, but to...