Accident on the job

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Injury on the job for a 33-year-old in Porto Valtravaglia, transported in the helicopter at the Niguarda

An accident occurred today, Saturday the first of September, in Porto Valtravaglia, in the end of the promenade of the country, via Lucchina, to Castelveccana. For reasons still under investigation, a man of 33 was injured, by what is learned, seems to be burned at the boatyard due to the explosion of...

Three workers poisoned by carbon monoxide while working. Between the two of them italians

Today, Thursday, June 21, at 13, at a shipyard in via The Carénsg in Cresciano, less than 40 kilometers from the border of Zenna, there was an accident on the job. Inform the Police of the Canton. Three workers were smoothing the concrete in a basement with a power tool. For reasons that the investigation...


Accident on the job, Italian worker falls from a ladder suffering a severe wound to the neck

Today at a little after 12 in Arcegno (village of Losone, a town 30km from the border of Zenna, ndr), there has been an accident at work in vicolo S. Antonio in a shipyard for the restoration works of a barn, damaged by fire in the past few weeks. A 44-year-old Italian worker, resident in [...]The post-Accident...