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Apogee Jam +: an accessory for musicians compatible with Mac and iOS evolves!

Apogee Jam + has been announced as an evolution of the previous model and will be able to increase features and quality, to increase the productivity of the musicians. More and more musicians choose to make use of the iOS devices and Mac to record and archive their music. Currently, among the various...


Xiaomi Mijia SYB01, smartwatch-hybrid (also for iPhone) from the classical nature

Today we will talk about the Xiaomi Mijia SYB01, a smartwatch hybrid with a classic design, perfectly compatible with iPhone. Here are our impressions. Also Xiaomi embraces the line of the smartwatch hybrid, a bit like done by Lenovo in the last few months, bringing to the market this interesting Mijia...

How to hide the cables of the TV

When you buy a new home you try to organize it according to your preferences. One of the objects that is definitely not missing is the tv. Putting aside the chosen model (whether smart or not), there is the problem of all those wires tangled among them, especially if you add set-top box, game console,...