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A year in a post: retracing the 2015 Apple

2015 was a very important year for Apple, as the company has introduced two devices that are completely unreleased and other things more or less important. A year full of events in technology, that today we summarize month-to-month... January In the early days of January, Apple has started to sell...

The 10 fights between celebrities gossip, 2015

Even the stars among them, if not send you to say. Unlike mere mortals, however, the celebs who have discussed with colleagues is not satisfied with the clarification vis a vis, but they use all the means at their disposal, social media and events including. As every year also in 2015, there have been...

Twitter sums up the 2015 with its trend

With social networks, it becomes even easier to understand what were the hottest topics and the characters more in vogue in the course of 2015, as shown in the study recently published by Twitter: here is the 2015 summary in “twittering”. Let's start from Italy and the trending of 2015: In Italy, users...