Are you looking for a new RMM software? If so, you’re in luck! This guide will discuss 11 things that you should consider before deciding. It can be tough to determine which product is right for your business, but with the help of this guide, you should be able to make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

Things You Need to Consider

1. Cyber Threat Intelligence- Cyberattacks are never-ending, and the way to beat them is constantly evolving. Your organization needs an active security team that’s always brushing up on what’s new to protect yourself from these vulnerabilities before someone can use them against you.

2. Security Technology- You need a firm that can provide your organization with the most sophisticated security technologies and monitoring tools. They should be experts in providing advice, implementation, and ongoing management for an entire cybersecurity infrastructure.

3. Around The Clock Monitoring-  Implementing the best cybersecurity technologies is not enough. Your organization needs a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) staff that will be on top of potential cyberattacks at all times.

4. Minimize Your SOC Turnover- The intense demand for SOC team members. Most organizations (89%) reported that their job was “painful or very painful,” with a rise since 2019 when Burnout and turnover were commonplace in this field.

Reclaim Your SCO Team Bandwidth- When Burnout is the norm for SOC teams, anything that stretches their bandwidth proves counterproductive.

5. Reduce Cost- Implementing the wrong cybersecurity solution or tool will drastically affect any organization’s bottom line when purchasing a replacement (especially if they are minimum-length contracts and licensing).

6. Compliance Advisory- The concept of compliance and cybersecurity is an often-overlooked balance. With so many regulations to follow, it’s difficult for your organization to maintain a steady stream and stay ahead with the ever-changing game.

7. Having Advanced Technology- A good SOC-as-a Service provider needs to provide more than basic security functions. They need an altogether different type of cloud-native system and combine various essential tasks into one easy platform for detection.

8. Telemetry That Is Comprehensive- There are many ways to improve your security system by ingesting logs, data, and other telemetry from relevant sources. The more information you provide, the better equipped you will be.

9. Automation and Data Science- The data is being captured by the top SOC as a service provider using advanced techniques to automate and improve the detection process. It allows them to have more confidence in their findings. It leads them to make important correlations that reduce false positives.

10. Expertise- The importance of technology in today’s society is undeniable. Still, it can only do so much without help from humans. A SOC-as-a-Service (SOS) partner provides an extension for your security team with human skills and expertise invaluable to any organization looking to improve its cyber capabilities through innovation.

11. The Right Pricing Model- SOCaaS providers have a variety of pricing models, and some are of greater value than others. It would be best to look at the licensing requirements for your particular needs.

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