The best way to make sure that you are prepared for a stressful future and have money in the bank is to have some cash saved for emergencies. When you have money saved for a rainy day, you can look forward to a better future. Having your financial affairs in order will enable you to make intelligent decisions for the future. With the current technology today, some apps are developed for that purpose. Here are five amazing ones that will help you save.

Pocket Guard

After accounting for the essentials like payments, debt, and long-term financial objectives. This software budgets how much spendable money you have. PocketGuard provides tools to help you manage your income and expenditures so you can take control of your finances and even increase your savings account.

It connects all your accounts in one location giving you a complete picture of your balances and net worth. Based on your previous purchases, the items are customized to your interests. PocketGuard may send you offers for cheaper rates on financial services once you create a profile. And fill out basic personal information.

GoodBudget App

There’s an old-school savings technique that involves separating all your cash into separate envelopes. There’s one envelope for groceries, another for your phone bill, another for gas, and so on.

Consider Goodbudget as a collection of virtual “envelopes.” It gives you the option of deciding how you want to spend and save your money. The free membership gives you a simple method to manage and monitor your money.

The premium membership is better suited to those with more considerable finances, such as those with investments via OTCMKTS: RKUNY. For monthly expenditures like rent, food, and entertainment, Goodbudget offers digital envelopes. Envelopes may be personalized by including income and a financial account.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB excels at advising users to handle their money wisely and responsibly. The lessons and educational materials are outstanding and very beneficial. It’s designed for low-income families that need the essentials, and it’s not a tool for intelligent financial planning.

In other words, every dollar you’re expected to make is given a task. Either you spend it or you preserve it. YNAB links to your financial accounts directly to get real-time account balances. It’s a more conventional budgeting method.

It works well for individuals who are serious about money management. According to CNBC, you must balance your budget, ensuring that you meet all your expenditures and do not overspend in any area. It is helpful to those who live paycheck to paycheck.


Many other personal finance applications are intended for usage by a single person. Spendee makes it easy to create shared wallets with your friends and family. This is used to keep track of a family budget’s pooled expenses. To keep track of your monthly expenditures, import your bank transactions and let the software categorize them for you.

To get a more accurate picture of your spending patterns, manually input cash expenses. To prevent going over budget, create allotted amounts for each spending category. Then track your progress toward the intended amount. The bill monitoring function ensures that you don’t forget to pay any of your bills on time. Also, stay away from late fees.


The EveryDollar app follows personal financial guru Dave Ramsey’s zero-based budgeting approach. The app’s name, EveryDollar, comes from accounting for every dollar in the budget. With the built-in monthly expenditure tracker, you can connect to your bank. Also, to keep accurate accounting records, import transactions.

You may also divide expenditures across many budget categories. The tracker tells you how much you’ve spent so far this month and how much you still have left. You’ll be able to connect with money management professionals who can assist you with your financial planning via the app.

No matter what type of financial situation you are in, there is an app out there for you. It doesn’t matter if you have little money to invest or lots. There is something available for every need. With so many apps available, it is easy to learn about investing and live your financial life the easy way. It would help if you decided which one will work best for you.