Dry van shipping is a form of cargo transport by truck. It consists of a truck carrying empty or partially filled cargo containers filled with goods while traveling to their destination. This differs from other forms of transport, such as air freight, in which the product is flown to the desired destination and then delivered by another method. This article will provide some background information on dry van shipping.

1. What Dry Van Shipping is About

Dry van shipping refers to the process of transporting goods in truck trailers, which are then filled with cargo at their destinations.

According to Hale Trailer, the practice of dry van trailers has been around for more than 50 years. The original purpose of the trailers was to transport goods that could not be shipped via another method.

With the introduction of technology, the process has changed. Today, customers can fill their trailers with their products across the country or around the world. There are multiple perks to be gained from dry van shipping.

With dry van shipping, you can get quality products to your customer faster than by using conventional methods. You also won’t have to worry about delivering the product beyond what is built into your trailer.

There are other benefits as well. Since the goods are loaded and unloaded in different places, you can save time and money by not transporting perishable goods.

2. Dry Van Shipping: The Road Map

Dry van shipping has been a viable method for transportation since the 1960s. However, there were originally some issues that needed to be overcome before it became a popular form of transport.

For example, it wasn’t easy to know exactly how much cargo space you had in your trailer. Thus, you would have to plan to deliver your products on time.

But then, this issue was solved when containers were created. Now, dry van shipping is just as popular as any other form of transport.

3. More Revenue & Customer Satisfaction

Dry Van Shipping has many advantages over other methods of transporting goods.

You can get your product to market faster than any other logistics provider. This allows you to save money on late fees and penalties.

Plus, since you can get the transport job done promptly, your customers will also be happy with your services.

If you need heavy-duty transportation for large cargo trailers, you can use a high-capacity truck for dry van shippers.

4. Cut down on overhead costs

The administrative costs involved with dry van shipping will be less than your other options. This means that you will have more money to put back into your business.

It also saves you money by reducing your handling costs and the return load fees paid to truck companies. This means that you can make more money from your freight.

Also, you can save money on return charges by getting a backhaul rate from the trucking company. With this fee, they will transport cargo back to your business for free.

In summary, dry van shipping is a form of transport that can help you get your products to market faster than any other logistics provider. It can also help you save money by reducing your handling costs and the return load fees paid to truck companies.