A Jobless Man from Melbourne Hits the $80 Million Jackpot in Australia and Pays off His Debts

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One man from Melbourne lost his job because of the COVID pandemic lockdown, but he was really lucky: recently he hit an incredible $80 million Powerball jackpot. It’s been the third time a person wins so much money in Aussie history. The lucky punter stated he purchased a house just before the pandemic started. He worked as a cleaner to earn some money. According to him, Coronavirus lockdowns were very stressful and difficult for his family, just like for millions of other Australian families. But he was persistent and was always telling himself to go on. As you can see, the results of his efforts exceeded expectations. 

The overjoyed player from Australia said he aspired to improve the life of his family and others. He said that he always intended to pay the mortgage and the other outstanding amounts of money. Now, his aim is to try and help other people. On 12 August this year, the lucky father of the family got the numbers, which were 17, 10, 4, 26, 19, 23, 21, and the Powerball was 7. He won two money prizes of the total jackpot, one of which was $51.5 million. The total group pool of the jackpot in the game amounted to a stunning sum of $1,428,161.80.

The following most fortunate state was Queensland, with five winners in this same game. It was followed by the state of Victoria with two lucky players. In general, it can be noted that winnings in these states are in near proportion to their population ­ NSW has eight million residents, Queensland has five million people, but it has more lucky winners than Victoria state, which has 6.5 million residents.