Technology is a great way to unite others. It has the ability to make us closer to each other. It might not seem like that, but it is so. It is quite easy to see how technology causes a lot of political and social division, but it can bring people together such as during the GameStop diamond hands stock buying which has had some odd results. Check out the GME earnings calendar

Communicating With People Who Are Not Like Them

If you take a scaled outward look, you will see that that division and the trauma is because people are communicating more and more with people who are not like them. It is not only during times of disagreement that technology brings people closer but also when it comes to entertainment. All the popular TV shows have major fans interacting every day over social media. 

Video games are another arena where people connect very deeply. Streaming sites such as Twitch and Facebook gaming connect people all over the world based on their love of playing video games.

Can Social Media Make a Tightknit Community?

It is not that technology is negative, it is more how we use it. There have been many reports how social media, gaming, and Twitch live streaming have all created tightknit communities. People who felt isolated are now finding their tribe. That is often the case. Look at how the Internet brings groups together. It is often with people who struggle with finding their sense of community in their local area. Instead, they head to the Internet, they head to streaming sites, they head to social media, they head to all these online places where people connect. Live streaming definitely is a place where people find deeper connections because they can communicate in real-time while seeing each other.

No Longer a Faceless World

Back in the olden days on the Internet, most of the communication was faceless. People would go to chat rooms, they would go to user groups, and even early social media was pretty much faceless besides a profile picture. With the dominance of video and live video streaming on the Internet, this technology makes it so that we are no longer a faceless world while on the computer. Instead, we are able to look at the people we talk to. We are able to see their body language and able to make the deep connections that we typically would not have been able to make otherwise.

What About Real-Life Connections?

Now, there are some people who might complain that this is no substitute for real-life connections. That can be true, but it also does not tell the entire story. Relationships that are built over the Internet are often as strong or even stronger than the relationships that are developed in person. 

Over the technology known as the Internet and the various platforms that allow us to connect, people can talk day in and day out. This sort of habitual conversation can lead to sharing on a level that people typically do not do even with their closest friends. They become extremely focused on each other’s lives, happenings, and doings. This is why we should not dismiss relationships that start from technology platforms as insufficient, fraudulent, or any less than any other type of relationship. It is these technologies that are starting massive social movements that are changing the world.

Social Media for Superficial Reasons

Of course, the same technologies are being used for superficial reasons, but that is okay as well because those elements will always be within society. In some ways, because superficiality is highlighted so much, it creates a great duality and a juxtaposition for the deeper roots of meaning that people find through technology. 

The Psychology of It All

Video gaming communities can be toxic, but they can also allow people to squad up as a team and create groupings of people all across the world as they join up and try to fight different obstacles. If you have ever paid attention to Twitch, or any other videogame streaming platform where people meet in such ways, always know that these people conversing leave the game and head back towards real life. This is what makes these technologies important. As we said, it is a wonderful way to find your tribe. The psychological benefits of gaming cannot be denied.

These conversations are through technologies. Just because they start on the Internet, it does not mean that they have to remain online. Some people use these technologies to find local people who they have a ton in common with and eventually meet those people. Again, what a great way to find your tribe and people who are interested in similar things as you are.

So can the Internet be the great divider or is it the great uniter? In many ways, it is all of the above. It has elements of all of these things, and it is up to each individual to use it in the best way possible.