One of the leading modern bookmakers, originally from the territory of the post-Soviet space, has planned to launch an IPO. We are talking about the Parimatch company, which shortly promised to open up new opportunities for a wide range of investors. The operator’s representative Sergey Portnov said in an interview that they are seriously considering the possibility of entering the stock market. This means that a party Parimatch IPO and security holders will be able to become anyone.

 Near-term prospects — what to expect?

An IPO — the process of publicly listing a firm’s shares on a stock exchange. Thanks to this procedure, Parimatch wants to reach a completely new level for the company. Thus, if certain conditions are met, each client of the company will be able to purchase its shares. Most likely Parimatch will choose one of the following stock exchanges:

  • NYSE
  • Japanese JPX
  • Chinese SSE
  • British LSE
  • Moscow Exchange

Passing each stage of creating an IPO will allow the bookmaker to attract large capital from various investors, which will allow the company to develop even more rapidly. If the bookmaker decides to take such a step, then the procedure will take up to a year and will require considerable investment. Most likely, in this case, one of the major stock exchanges will be chosen, where there are more opportunities. 

From the past to the future

For the first time, people learned about Parimatch in 1994 — the company was founded in Kyiv by Eduard Shvindlerman. Now it is one of the leading bookmaker firms, which successfully operates in dozens of countries. Thanks to its policy and the use of modern solutions in doing business, Parimatch has become the personification of an advanced digital gambling company. Today this bookmaker is an official partner in the following sports areas: 

  • football;
  • hockey;
  • Greco-Roman wrestling;
  • basketball.

This year Parimatch openly announced its intention to enter more than 10 new markets, including European countries. According to recent reports, the new advertising campaign for Parimatch will be led by football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. As for the upcoming IPO, as a result of this expansion, the bookmaker will receive an excellent impetus for further development.

The technical side of the issue

Parimatch still has to solve several issues, including further technological development prospects. If the operator nevertheless decides to go public, then this process may be delayed for some time. In addition, this event requires considerable financial investments while maintaining certain risks due to the unstable situation in the business environment.

At the same time, it is practically impossible to carry out 100% legal activity on the territory of Ukraine with the payment of all taxes. The tax regime in this country is one of the highest on the planet. However, on the other hand, the state is primarily interested in cooperation with such companies as Parimatch. Therefore, representatives of the company hope for the possibility of successfully opening an IPO with the support of the state.