Today’s homeowners must be concerned about illicit entry into their homes by intruders and thieves. Why? Because the news tells us that is what’s happening all over the world. Sometimes it’s in the headlines with your community being the focus. In cases like that, you should be genuinely concerned and alerted to the problem.

Where Does Your Home’s Security Problems Lie?

What are the weakened areas of your home that could make it easier for an intruder to enter? Do you have alarms on all your first-floor exterior doors and windows? Are those windows and doors locked? Do your entry doors have deadbolts as well as locks? What type of pet doors do you have? If after answering these questions you see that your security is wanting, call a security consultant and schedule a home security appointment.

Strong Entry Doors

When you look at your front door, does it inspire a sense of security? Is the door flimsy and light or is it a heavy and secure feeling? You may need to install a custom entry door that incorporates more security features. In addition to that, it’s an excellent idea to keep an eye on your entry and exit locations with a camera that is linked to your security company. With such a feature installed, you will always have eyes on your home, even when you’re away on vacation.

Alarm Every Entry Into Your Home

The less sophisticated alarm systems have not lost their popularity with a sizable portion of the homeowner’s population. By alarming your doors and windows, while you cannot see who’s entering, you do know when it is an unauthorized entry into your home. The next step after entering through a window is to turn off the alarm if you are a resident there. If such an entry is not entered, the alarm company will expedite the police to your address because a break-in has been reported.

Security Through Technology

Technology is the operative word when comes to new advances in security. The same is true in everyday usage of the rooms in our homes, including the kitchen. The kitchen has evolved to include smart home devices to ease the preparation of meals, especially healthier dishes. 

The refrigerator can be equipped to remind you to buy milk or eggs. Today’s tech-savvy kitchen is armed with a wide range of advanced robotic utensils, TVs that have reminders built into their technology so you never miss an important Zoom meeting, and that same technology offered by smart home devices can be utilized by home security.

Video Home Surveillance

With the growing instances of porch piracy, video home surveillance has grown to occupy the top position in home security today. Naturally, marrying the smart home technology to your remote is a natural development considering the criminal mind of today. As a homeowner, you need to be able to monitor both your home’s exterior and interior with ease. The more systems that work together to provide a secure environment for your possessions and your family, the better.

The Latest Addition to the Security Market

The newest additions to the security market are the remote programming of your home security, video surveillance all around your home, robots, and drones. There’s already a robotic vacuum that takes photos to communicate with the homeowner when it encounters obstacles. 

Effectively, it’s a home security robot. It can be taken even further. In fact, it has been on the streets of New York City with the Boston Robotics dog which has been dispatched to investigate a fleeing shooter in the Bronx. It protects the live officers, and it scares the life out of the criminal. Eventually, they’ll work the kinks out and we’ll see more of this type of robotic police officer, patrolling your property. As in New York, there was public backlash at the unfamiliar, but that will last until there is no clearly obvious alternative.

With all these advancements, the homeowner can be protected if he is willing to spend the money and learn how to use the innovative technology. 

Some of the latest safety measures are off-putting, especially the robotic dog. However, if everyone in the neighborhood is just as uncomfortable as you, that means few to no criminals will target your home. The less appealing your home is to encroach, the better. 

If you’re anything like the most zealous homeowner, your home may be smart teched. You may arm your home with loud security sirens connected directly to the police station, have a remote that allows you to arm your home from anywhere, get a vicious-looking robotic dog that patrols your property, and have video surveillance monitoring it 24/7.